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DexCodex started its activities in early 2015.

Since its inception, DexCodex has offered innovative and efficient one-stop ICT solutions and services in Southeast Asia with primary establishment in Bangladesh. The sectors it covers includes – Network design and installation, Software Development, Web Design & Development, Mobile Apps Development, Graphics design, SEO, Digital Marketing and Professional IT Training as major.

powerful brand design!

At DexCodex, our graphics designers use a systematic approach with extensive knowledge and dynamic expertise to create and combine symbols and images to create a visual interpretation of service, product or any message.

enhance your digital footprint

A website with proper effort on design and flexibility represent your excellence of your business and actions. It is the online existence of your business. A number of potential audiences are here. Generally, a website will have business information and details about products and services. So, when you can make a perfect first impression to the customers with your website, you are sure to get their trust.

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Advertise Smartly

Customers are actively looking for the best solution. The question is- do they know that you have what they want? Bornotech will help you to understand your customer and provide you the path to reach them whenever or wherever they are may be looking (search, social media, industry media or email). We will also help you to be easier to find and to be more engaged to social network community.

know now how

Single Point Contact

Your mobile can store thousands of number, but does that mean you are going to call thousands of people all the time. We believe in single point contact.

Adapting to Change

We are constantly adapting to the latest technology. Thus a client is always ensured to have the latest technology at their arsenal.

Starting Small

Starting with a singular and specific focus not only helps you develop your business, but it also makes you stand out.


We are transparent about our deliverables. We try our levels best to deliver the committed. In time if we face something, we inform the client at first then take action.

Focusing on Users

A successful tech business is one that works to make you the most satisfied you can be. We are always trying to improve the experience for you and other users.

Leading, not Following

Making something new comes with a risks, but the payoff can be great. Improving an established idea is good, but entirely new idea is even better.

From Our Desk

Make a presence, not existence

It has never been easier to contact us. We are always available to response to your simplest query to billion dollar idea.

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation. 

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